Buy Golf Tees – Zero Friction Golf Tees Review

Every golfer has to buy golf tees. Usually, they buy them by the bag at the pro shop before their round. Lately, more and more people have been buying Zero Friction Golf Tees. These new tees have several advantages over the old stand-by wooden ones which haven’t changed much since they were first used more than 80 years ago.

The first United States patent for a golf tee was issued to the Glaswegian David Dalziel on 8th September 1896. The patent was for a rubber tee with a flat base and slightly concave top, in combination with an artificial ground surface.

On 12th December 1899, an American dentist, Dr George F Grant, one of the first black graduates of Harvard College, was the first American to patent a tee that he had invented in 1898. It was a peg with a rubber top and was pushed into the ground, and is very close to the modern tee, but it did not have a concave head. He did not market it and neither this nor any other previous tee inventions caught on.

The first commercial golf tee, which is the one we know today, was the Reddy Tee invented at Maplewood Golf Club in 1921 by another American dentist William Lovell. First manufactured in wood and painted with red tops so that they could be seen easily, they were soon produced in a variety of styles and materials. The “Reddy Tee” made of white celluloid by the Nieblo Manufacturing Company, was patented in 1924. Although plastic tees are available, simple wooden tees similar to those made in the 1920s are still the most common type.

Zero Friction has developed a unique three pronged design with the major advantage being a greatly reduced area of contact between the tee and the ball. This reduction in surface area contact decreases the friction and therefore increases the amount of distance and accuracy of your drive. The maker claims an average increase of 4 yards in distance and up to 5 yards in accuracy. This is a huge advantage that you can gain without having to change your swing or your clubs.

The other advantage is that they are an environmentally friendly product made with recycled materials and they are safe for golf course mowers.

Any product that gives an advantage does not go unnoticed by professional golfers. Kenny Perry, 24 year veteran of the PGA and member of the 2008 Ryder Cup team uses Zero Friction Golf Tees. Since being introduced in 2005 professional golfers using them have had 50 tour victories and more than 300 top 10 finishes.

I think the facts speak for themselves, PGA golfers need every edge that they can get when playing on the tour. If they have chosen to use Zero Friction Golf Tees, then maybe you should too.

Buy Golf Clubs and After That Join a Club – Benefits of Golf Club Membership

All golfers new to the sport will at some point be confronted with a basic question – should I apply for a club membership? Following the effort to go out and buy golf clubs and to learn the basics of the game at the local pay-and-play course, the inevitable question of golf club membership will always arise.

The initial reaction of most new golfers regarding club membership is that it is potentially expensive and also that the benefits are far from clear. During this small article I outline a number of the reasons and benefits I do believe swing the decision towards taking the membership approach.

Sadly, it’s true to state that the image and standing of golf club membership was tarnished over a long period by the often portrayed stories of rich old men propping up the club bar for hours at a time. Whilst this was undoubtedly true to a great extent in numerous clubs across the nation, the situation now couldn’t be any further from the truth. The sport of golf along with all its associated aspects has undergone an enormous overhaul throughout the past three decades. With the wide accessibility to cheap golf equipment the sport is now one for the people everywhere. Though there may still be golf clubs plodding along with their heads in the sand, refusing to simply accept modernisation, these are completely in the minority and a dying breed. There’s no reason whatsoever for a new golfer to be fearful of taking up membership and in my estimation the massive benefits will outweigh any perceived negatives.

Precisely what are the benefits?

1. Handicap certificate maintenance – for anyone who is serious about the game and wanting to improve their standard of play then they’ll definitely need a handicap certificate. The easiest way to acquire one and to maintain it is via golf club membership.

2. Regular competitions – the largest majority of golf club members are competitive and relish the prospect of pitting themselves against fellow members and players from other clubs. All golf clubs arrange regular competitions and matches.

3. Meet new friends and acquaintances – clubs are packed with people with a shared interest and it’s therefore easy to find and make new friends inside a golf club environment. After you have got to know a number of people it is then usually very simple to get a game.

4. Social Events – any golf club of note will have a full calendar of social events. This presents the ideal opportunity to take your non-playing partner and friends along to the club to enjoy the facilities and to generally have a good time

5. PGA lessons – large improvements with your game are likely to come about due to a combination of coaching and hard work. Most clubs will have a resident PGA teaching professional who will be qualified to provide you with all the lessons and coaching you’ll need. Being based in the golf club it is often possible for lessons to be sometimes held on the course thus providing you with ideas with regard to the best way to play it correctly.

You will find there’s school of thought which says that golf club membership just isn’t really worth the joining fee (if there is one) along with the annual membership. Due to the considerable benefits that are to be enjoyed I strongly disagree and would encourage all golfers to join one just as quickly as possible. You won’t look back!

Tips on Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners – It’s All About Size, Flex, and Forgiveness

When it comes to selecting beginner golf clubs, there are some very important guidelines that need to be observed. All clubs are not created equal, and if you select the correct clubs, your learning experience will be much more productive and enjoyable.

When we look at golf club design since 1990, we see the movement to a larger clubface. This has resulted in clubs that are significantly easier to hit, meaning more good golf shots, even for beginners. This is due to the creation of a larger “hitting area” or “sweet spot” on the clubface where the ball can be struck solidly for maximum distance. Beginning golfers absolutely must start their golfing careers with large head metal woods and oversize irons.

Club manufacturers have also added the element of “perimeter weighting” to the larger irons. Perimeter weighting is the term used for moving weight from the center of the club to the outer edges. This club design is known as “cavity back.” With this weight distribution, the clubhead is less likely to twist when the ball is struck outside the sweet spot. The resulting shot will travel farther and straighter than a similar shot hit with a small clubhead.

Golf clubs with large clubheads and perimeter weighting are known as “game improvement” clubs, or forgiving clubs. These are clubs that will produce the best possible shot results when the ball is not struck precisely. Beginning golfers should rely on this element of forgiveness to get the most enjoyment out of their learning experience.

Additionally, these larger clubheads should be paired with a regular flex or graphite club shaft to further increase the chances of success. These club shafts are more flexible and will enable the beginner to accelerate the clubhead through impact with the ball. The greater the clubhead speed, the greater the distance the ball will travel.

One last tip on buying golf clubs for beginners is to take a good look at used clubs. Golfers have a propensity to abandon their old clubs in a never ending attempt to buy a better golf game. Consequently, there are lots of used clubs available with the characteristics of size, flex, and forgiveness mentioned above. Just check out garage sales, golf pro shops, and golf superstores. Often times these clubs are in very good shape and at very decent prices.

Learn About Buying Golf Clubs For Kids

So you think your child is the next Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie? Or maybe you simply wish to share the game of golf with your child? Either way, getting kids started in golf can be confusing even for the seasoned golfer, especially when it comes time for buying clubs for kids.

Buying golf clubs for kids is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of buying an adult set and simply cutting down the length. Adult clubs have heavy shafts and heads that will make it even harder for your child to enjoy the game. Any good set of golf clubs for kids will have lightweight heads, light and flexible shafts, and smaller grips, all of which will help your child make better contact and get the ball airborne more easily.

Before buying golf clubs for kids that come in an entire set, it is advisable to see if your child is truly interested in pursuing the game. Golf can be a difficult and frustrating game. It is widely held in the golf industry that for every adult taking up the game, there is another who quits in frustration. A good way to judge your child’s interest before buying golf clubs for kids is to start with one or two clubs. Unlike adult clubs, buying golf clubs for kids means you can frequently buy them individually as well as in sets. For a small investment you can purchase a single iron club (like a seven iron), and a putter, and then head off to the local practice green or pitch-and-putt course.

Once you feel confident that your child is interested and committed to learning golf, then it is time to consider buying golf clubs for kids that come in a full set. However, unlike a typical set of fourteen clubs found in the golf bags of most adults, buying golf clubs for kids in a set does not need to be so extensive. Depending on the age and strength of your child, the ideal set of golf clubs for kids could be as small as three clubs. (A high lofted fairway wood, seven iron, and a putter are ideal for a young child). As your child continues to grow in size and strength, they will need to add additional clubs to their ideal set of golf clubs for kids.

Remember, as your child grows they will grow out of their clubs just as they grow out of their clothes. Buying golf clubs for kids that are a properly fitted set is imperative if you want your child to have the proper equipment, so be prepared for buying new golf clubs for kids every one to two years.

Whether buying golf clubs for kids that are individual or one of the complete sets of golf clubs for kids that come with a golf bag, the important thing is to share the game you love with your child by providing them with equipment that will help them get the most from their experience.

Buy Golf Shoes – Where to Buy Golf Shoes Online With Great Deals

Buying golf shoes online does not have to be difficult and confusing. Although there are literally hundreds if not thousands of golf footwear in the market today, you can narrow down your searches by taking advantage of websites that offer the best and latest golf shoes. But if you already have a specific pair on your mind, you should go to online stores that give the lowest price, free shipping, and have a return policy.

Before you purchase a pair, you must have an idea of what you want to get especially on the brand, color, features, comfort, and the other details. Below are the important things you need to know before you purchase one:

• Type: There are different types of golf shoes – the classic, golf sandals, golf boots, and the slip-on. Depending on the playing condition and your game, you must get the right type for comfort and protection.

• Material: These shoes can be made up of leather, polyester, or waterproof linings. Make sure that the shoes have enough padding for additional comfort and prevent chaffing. You can choose whatever material you want as long as you feel comfortable with it.

• Spikes: Although metal spikes give more traction, it is getting less common and some golf clubs prohibit its use because it can damage the green. Plastic spikes are now the standard as it is lightweight but you have to constantly check and change it as it wears out fast.

Where to buy golf shoes online:

There are a lot of places you can get your golf gear over the Internet. The best place to buy golf shoes online is in big companies and department stores such as and Endless. com. These online shops are reliable and you can choose a wide variety of golf footwear. They can offer you the best value and they give free and overnight shipping. They also offer the lowest prices and regularly give big discounts and coupons.

How to buy golf shoes with the best deals:

The best way to purchase a pair online is to choose the right merchants or online stores. Make sure that they are reputable and well-known in the shoe industry. and Golfsmith has been providing golf gear for years and they make shopping fast and easy. You must read carefully the description and the reviews of the shoes to make sure that it will fit your needs.

Beginner Tips on Buying Golf Clubs

If you have some experience with golf, you will agree that choosing the right club for a shot on a target is very important and the decision rests with the player to choose. Imagine a situation of preparing for an exam excellently and you go to exam without a pen that works right; then you have understood the situation without a right club although you have good skill.

You must decide on your commitment to the game; whether you are going to be in the game for long time or you just want to try the game because of your unexpected free time. Based on this you can borrow from a friend or buy second hand club or buy new one because golf clubs are costly and it would not be of much use if you are not planning to play the game in future. A common mistake is the notion of associating high price to performance because it does not happen all the time.

If you are short, then you may not be able to use normal sized golf club and you do not have to worry about the performance based on your physical height because there are customized golf clubs available. Shaft is the lengthy part which is either made of graphite or steel or other alloys; graphite shaft clubs are lighter and steel clubs are more durable than the other ones. Decide based on your requirement because women tend to prefer lighter ones and men can easily use regular steel clubs.

You may have got a good golf club but if your swing is not right then you can not expect you to perform better analogous to the situation where you go to exam with good pen but no preparation. If you know a friend or someone who is exposed to golf it is better to take him along while buying one and your golf instructor, if you have one, could best advice on buying golf clubs.

You may want to do more research yourself online where you can find tips on buying [] golf clubs. As a beginner you must be careful while buying golf clubs [] because there is a chance of buying non branded clubs sold as branded clubs.

Why You Should Buy Golf Clubs Online

While it might seem unconventional to buy your golf clubs online, this is how millions of golfers are buying their equipment these days. Online golf stores, covering more categories than you could imagine, have appeared on the Internet…and they’re not going away. While there are obvious attractions for golf equipment sellers to take their business online (eg global reach, low overheads) there are also many benefits for savvy buyers.


A pretty obvious one, but online stores provide buyers with access to a huge selection of golf clubs. Online stores can stock many times what a physical store can as they are not limited to the space available in a traditional retail store. Some of the larger online stores have access to industrial-sized warehouses to store their inventory.

In addition to a huge range of products in online stores, you can shop at virtually hundreds of online stores around the world. I’ve probably got access to a dozen or so stores within an hour’s drive of my house….no such limitation when shopping online.


Because online stores have access to a global market, it can be feasible for them to specialize in a certain category of golf equipment, rather than have to stock a broad range of items. For example, if I’m in the market for a putter, I can go to an online store that sells only putters. Chances are I’m going to be able to find a putter that’s right for me, and because they specialize in putters, I’m likely to have access to expert advice.


While you can easily compare prices to find the best online deals, it’s also possible to get access to great discounts and offers. I’ll cover this in more detail in the tips below, but many online golf stores offer discount coupons through online affiliates….much more so than traditional retail stores.


Online stores never close, meaning that you can browse or shop whenever you please – usually after dinner, and when the kids have gone to bed for me! You can also compare prices between stores within a matter of minutes, rather than having to drive across town or wait on the end of the phone for a store assistant to get to back to you.


Many online stores provide buying guides and some even have blogs which provide additional information about equipment. While physical stores often have knowledgeable staff, it’s a bit more hit-and-miss. Video tutorials are also becoming more popular to help golfers choose the right equipment for their game.


There are many good reasons to buy your next set of clubs online.To learn more about what to look out for, where to buy and how to get the best price pick-up my free ‘Guide to Buying Golf Clubs Online’ e-book. Simply got to and subscribe to our newsletter.

Major Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Golf Cart Parts

Do you need to buy golf cart parts? If you’re going to make mistakes related to golfing, then do it while putting on the greens. Here are some common yet avoidable mistakes that you could make when purchasing parts:

1. Never fail to check if your golf cart is under warranty.
You might be entitled to having the parts (and the corresponding labor) replaced free-of-charge. So before spending some of your hard-earned money on replacement parts for your golf cart, check if it’s under warranty. If it is, then save your money and spend it on something else (i.e. a new golf club).

2. Never assume that parts that look the same, are the same.
Certain parts for different makes and models can look amazingly similar. However, it would be a mistake to purchase a replacement part, after simply eyeballing the part. Instead, review the owner’s manual to determine the exact part number that you’ll need. This will prevent the mistake of purchasing a part that looks similar to another part-but which is actually different.

3. Never install a part if you’re uncertain about the procedures.
Yes, it’s commendable if you turn the installation of your cart replacement part, into a Do-It-Yourself project. But if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you could install the part wrongly, or actually cause damage. Both situations could result in more expenses. So before you install a particular part, be 100% certain that you know the right steps to take.

4. Never forget to compare prices of golf cart parts.
It’s highly advisable that you compare prices from at least three stores. But that’s a bare minimum! If you have the time to collect more prices for a particular part, then do it. Remember: You can ALWAYS find a better price! The more prices you compare, the more likely you’ll find a rock-bottom price for the replacement part that you need. While you’ll have to stop your search eventually, look for as long as you can.

5. Never pay for shipping if it’s unnecessary.
One of the most obvious ways to avoid paying for shipping, is by purchasing your replacement part at a brick-and-mortar store. Another way is to buy the part online, and then pick it up at an offline branch of the store. This is a perfect option if you want to combine the convenience of shopping online, with the convenience of avoiding shipping costs. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

If you need replacement parts for your golf cart, not doing the wrong things is just as important as doing the right things. So consider these aforementioned blunders when shopping for your parts.

Golf Clubs on eBay – 3 Tips on How to Buy Golf Clubs and Not Get Ripped Off

Being able to buy golf clubs on eBay is a tremendous way to obtain quality golf clubs at a small fraction of their retail price. Unfortunately, you need to be on the lookout for scam artists who are selling fake golf clubs.

Purchase clubs from sellers

Purchase clubs from sellers with high eBay seller ratings, and from those who have been involved in numerous transactions. If a seller has sold very few items and is selling expensive golf clubs at ridiculous prices, avoid them. There is a good chance that they are selling you counterfeit clubs.

Check out the images

Check out the images of the item you are considering purchasing. If the images are what would find on the website of a manufacturer, you do not know if the clubs are real. By not seeing the golf clubs that you would be buying, the odds increase that the clubs that you would be buying would be counterfeit.

Ask the seller to send you more images. A real seller would have no problem doing this. Ask the seller for serial numbers of the clubs. Several manufacturers; put serial numbers on their irons. Avoid sellers who will not give you the serial numbers.

Does the seller offer any buyer protection?

Counterfeiters will likely not offer any PayPal Buyer Protection. If they do offer protection, it may be for less protection than the purchase price. They may only offer $50 worth of protection for golf clubs that they may be selling for over $500. The seller would sell the counterfeit clubs for $500, and if the buyer files for a refund, they buyer may only get $50. The seller would still be $450 ahead.

Try to be as informed of a buyer as you can be. Informed buyers are less likely to become counterfeit club scam victims. If you find a seller that you suspect may be suspicious, tell eBay immediately. Counterfeit sellers hurt everyone in the eBay community. Keep eBay safe for everyone.

Buy from trusted sellers

Click here to find new and used ping golf clubs for sale at the lowest prices anywhere.

How to Buy Golf Equipment in Bulk

If you want to know how to buy golf equipment in bulk, then it is important to know how to go about it in the most efficient and effective manner possible. There are many tips and tricks that will be discussed in this article that will help your buying experience go much more smoothly.

The most important thing is to know where to go to find golf equipment in bulk. The place you can start is at the manufacturers themselves. They will often have bulk equipment available at discount prices during two times of the year. The first is at the beginning of the golf season. This is the time to get the old models from them for a discount, because they need to get rid of them to make room for the new models.

The second is during the winter. This is the time when they are not doing much business, so they will oftentimes be more than ready to cut a deal to get rid of a big batch of equipment in one sale. Try your luck with the manufacturers first.

Next, you can try eBay. As with so many other items, eBay is a great source to find golf gear. You never know what kind of steals you can find on there. Try to bid the lowest amount you can at first, and then keep a sharp eye on the auction as it progresses. You can often swoop in at the last minute and win the auction, if you are quick.

If you are looking for golf balls specifically, a great tip is to try to pair up with a scuba diver. You can send the diver to the bottom of courses’ water hazards to retrieve balls. Quite frequently, a few hours work can land you thousands of balls. Alternatively, you can go the less expensive route and pay some neighborhood kids to dive in for the balls. They will not have the same success rate, but it is highly entertaining.

The last place you can go to find golf equipment in bulk is golf retailers. They have the same problem that the manufacturers do. During the winter, they are desperate for business, so they will cut you a deal. At the beginning of the season, they need to unload last year’s models, and so they will be anxious to get rid of as much of it as they can. Therefore, you can reap the savings.

Always try to explore as many avenues as you can in your search to learn how to buy golf equipment in bulk. If you show patience and persistence, then you will find the results highly profitable. Good luck and happy hunting!